Monitoring Your Data Security

Maintaining the integrity of your network is more than doing backups. Security is a proactive focus for our clients. We are on the constant lookout for ways to improve security and monitor potential threats.

We are not alone, of course. This is a problem facing all companies. Here is an article from Network World that discusses HP’s plans for security in the future.

Network World – HP today took the wraps off its Big Data Security strategy, describing how combining the enterprise search and knowledge management resources from its Autonomy subsidiary with its ArcSight security-event and information management (SIEM) can yield new ways to detect cyberattacks or rogue-employee behavior.

 HP unveils ‘Big Data Security’ strategy

HP’s approach, like that of rivals IBM and RSA, calls for use of SIEM tools as a foundation for so-called Big Data Security. The concept of Big Data Security presumes that artful analysis of massive amounts of data content, in addition to the traditional security-related event information that’s collected through a SIEM, can produce a better way to quickly pinpoint security problems. read more

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